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Sa Voix is about encouraging one another, working together, and celebrating the little strides. We're incredibly excited to be partnering with so many amazing individuals and organizations to equip young women here in Haiti. This journey has not been of ease but it's been one of trying and trying again. The beginning of our story has been perfectly imperfect. 

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    Our Founder

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    Jessica Drogosz, Founder

    Jessica has spent five years in the photography industry, finding and expressing her voice through lifestyle, family, and wedding photography. Her unique and relational style of photography has drawn a large client base in the Chicago area and throughout the United States. Jessica received her bachelor’s degree in photography and a master’s degree in art education. Driven by a desire to live every day with purpose,

    Jessica seeks meaning in life and art in everything she does. During a trip to Haiti in 2015, she saw a need for young Haitian women to be equipped, empowered, and given opportunities for their voices to be heard. 



    Our Designers + Makers

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    My name is Oquris Rodelande (Izzy)

    More than anything, I am a woman of God. I have a very outgoing personality and I love to be around others. I also love music and doing hair. I have many dreams for myself and I am very thankful for SaVoix’s role in helping me reach these dreams. My dream is to finish high school, so that I can go on to study business management. Some of my other dreams include starting a beautiful family and owning my own beauty salon. I am praying that God blesses me with these dreams. I want to live everyday for him for the rest of my life. 

    For me, SaVoix means her voice. My voice. SaVoix creates opportunities for young women. It provides jobs for those who do not have one. SaVoix helps you learn how to love others. My dream for SaVoix is to continue growing with products that people love so that we can create more jobs in Haiti. When I am with my SaVoix family I feel loved, proud, alive, and more than comfortable. My sisters say that I am kind, silly, helpful, patient, understanding, and loving.

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    My name is Wideline (Winnie)

    I am a Christian and a woman of God. SaVoix makes me happy and it is a place where I feel very comfortable. It has helped me become more confident. This has been something that I really want and am continuing to work on. I dream of becoming a great seamstress because I want to be able to help young women through this. I want to be talented at this like Renise and Morgan currently are. Some more dreams of mine are to finish high school, attend a university, and to be a missionary for God.

    For me, SaVoix means love. It is a place to grow. It is about new experiences. It is an open door for many. I dream that in one year SaVoix would be the biggest business the world ever saw. My SaVoix sisters say that I am honest, obedient, encouraging, a good listener, and one who gives good advice.

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    My name is Dieunithe

    I am a woman of God that believes in my destiny. I get excited when I talk about my objectives and vision. My dream right now is to become the best secretary/administrator. I enjoy working on the computer and learning administrative work. I also love to paint with our marbling process. Through SaVoix, I have learned not to be shy. I have become more outgoing and confident no matter where I am. I also have the courage to speak in front of large groups. It has helped me mature into the woman that I am. One day, I would love to build 3 beautiful houses so that I could provide a home for those who do not have one. 

    For me, Sa Voix means a place for learning. It provided the opportunity for me to attend school. It is about creating experiences for myself. My dream for Sa Voix is that we would always be busy with work. My SaVoix sisters say that I am helpful, obedient, courageous, confident, wise and patient.



    My name is Roseline

    I am born in a family of 9 children, 4 girls and 5 boys, I am fatherless since 2013, I am 28 years old, I have 2 children, a girl, and a boy. Before I met Sa Voix, it was very difficult for me to help me, to help my children, my family, to work in Sa Voix helps me a lot with my family, and my children.sa voix also helps me to discover my potential and to developer it, at sa voix, they tell me that I'm serious, I always do what I have to do to help sa voix to grow, I like to share what I know and would like to see other girls know what I know about sewing. I do and will continue to do my best to help others know how to sew. I would like to be a great seamstress and continue to do my best for Sa Voix

    Sa Voix helps us to know how to live together, how to help others move forward, I would like Sa Voix to grow, that there are other girls who can be helped by Sa Voix and grow up like me. I am sensitive, like to listen others, to advise them, I also know how to be fun when we need to laugh, I thank God for giving us Jessica and Sa Voix because he helps us to continue to dream and to do everything that we can do well to achieve it. We will continue to pray that we may grow in this great love that brings us together.



    My name is Sherline


    I am a servant of God. I am a patient, kind, and joyful person. SaVoix means so much to me. It is a place where I feel good. I love being around my friends and I love to dance around. I dream to have a business of my own one day.

    For me, SaVoix is a place where we love and respect each other. We learn together. My dream for SaVoix is to grow as a business and to gain more customers. My SaVoix sisters say that I am loving, gentle, understanding, joyful, and that I am always singing and dancing.

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    I am Bioula Bejamin

    I am 22 years old, I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers, whom I love a lot, and I often spend time playing with them. I love God more than anything in my life, I love others, I love to  read, listen to music, play with my sisters when I'm at home, my father just died, I'm fatherless, I often feel sad sometimes but I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be at Sa Voix, where I have my sisters help me a lot to overcome this sadness, Sa Voix helps me a lot to know my identity, better live with others, understand the importance of loving and living together. I only have my sisters in Sa Voix who I am friends with, because I am a naive person, afraid to be used, I prefer to be with myself sometimes, my family in Sa Voix often tell me that I am wise, kind, comprehensive, obedient etc ,,, I love Sa Voix  a lot and will do anything to help her grow big day  by day, because it can help other young people like me and enlarge this wonderful family that we have today. My dream is to become a great first aid. Study the management of business, accounting more precisely and help Sa Voix with this knowledge to grow. I also dream to have a shop where I could sell clothes. I would also like to have the opportunity to share my knowledge with others. Thanks to Jessica, her voice and all the people who believe in us and help us, I'm shy but I know that with what Sa Voix gives me I can day by day develop my potential thank you and I love you very much. I would continue to pray that God will continue to guide us and stay with us. 


    I am Stephanie

    I am, born of a family of 3 children, of which I am the eldest, I have a little sister and a little brother. I am 28 years old, I studied business administration, graduated since 2015, and I have also followed a lot of seminars on leadership, entrepreneurship, how to manage, management of human resources, etc ... since 2010 I committed myself to work in the social aspects of business, to better help others to grow, to help young people to understand their importance, to know their identity, to develop their potential and to grow. I work with several institutions like Haiti Teen Challenge, Haiti Share and Sa Voix.

    Working for Sa Voix is an extraordinary experience, seeing the capacity of these young people and the way Sa Voix helps them grow, and develop their abilities. They are a family, they love to work, love what they do and do it with love, each girl is always ready to learn from new things, they have a desire for learning, which makes me continue to believe that young people have a lot to do. I give thanks to Sa Voix to remind me again of the importance of helping others grow and build a community


    Sa Voix Collective


    Richard + Elizabeth Drogosz, Board Members + Advisors

    Kristen Caron, Board Member + Design Consultant

    Morgann McCoy, Board Member + Design Partner 

    Chelsea Maxwell, Board Member + Digital Strategy Consultant   

    Michael J. Hlis, Board Member + Accountant

    Eric Staples, Brand Consultant


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