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Sa Voix is about encouraging one another, working together, and celebrating the little strides. We're incredibly excited to be partnering with so many amazing individuals and organizations to equip young women here in Haiti. This journey has not been of ease but it's been one of trying and trying again. The beginning of our story has been perfectly imperfect. 


    Our Co-Founders

    Jessica Drogosz, Founder + Director

    Jessica has spent five years in the photography industry, finding and expressing her voice through lifestyle, family, and wedding photography. Her unique and relational style of photography has drawn a large client base in the Chicago area and throughout the United States. Jessica received her bachelor’s degree in photography and a master’s degree in art education. Driven by a desire to live every day with purpose, Jessica seeks meaning in life and art in everything she does. During a trip to Haiti in 2015, she saw a need for young Haitian women to be equipped, empowered, and given opportunities for their voices to be heard. 


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    Renise Jean, Co Founder + Manager

    Renise is 21 years old and in her final year of high school. Sa Voix was created from her voice around her dreams and goals for her life. For Renise, Sa Voix exists not only to help young women find their voice, but to also create jobs for young women in Haiti. She believes what Sa Voix is doing in Haiti is unique and wants to see that continue. Renise wants to encourage other young women to do one thing each day to help them achieve their dreams. She believes that you can find a way for your dreams to positively affect others, that you can choose to discover how you can help others through your own dreams and goals.



    Our Designers + Makers

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    Dieunithe Clayonne

    Dieunithe is 19 years old, in her final year of high school, and is employed by Sa Voix. Dieunithe lives independently and has dreams to be a secretary. Currently, her goal is to help other women in our program learn to sew as she moves toward executing Sa Voix’s administrative work. For her, family is the most important thing in her life outside of work, as it provides her money to not only satisfy all her needs but help her support the needs of her family as well. For Dieunithe, Sa Voix is about teaching people, it’s about helping people learn how to survive for themselves through life skill education by employment. She believes by teaching other women what we do at Sa Voix we can help them find a way to live on their own and with our teaching for other woman we all can make Sa Voix grow and go forward, together.




    Roseline Jean

    Roseline is Renise’s older sister, she is 27 years old and moved to Port Au Prince from Cap Haitian to join our organization this year. Roseline has two young children who she supports through her work at Sa Voix. Roseline attended school as a child but left quickly and has not had formal education since. God, her children, work, and her family are important to Roseline. For Roseline, Sa Voix means to work good, have responsibility, and that she is loved by Sa Voix. Her goal is to continue to sew and her dreams for other women are to see them working like she does.



    Oguris Rodelande (Isguerda)

    Oguris is 22 years old and in her last year of school. God, education, family, and her job at Sa Voix are very important to her. She believes that Sa Voix is helping her with her future because they provide wa way for her to take care of herself. From her voice “I don’t know in the future what God will bring for Sa Voix but I want Sa Voix to become big to employ a lot more people who need jobs. I think that’s why God called Jessica here in Haiti. My advice for other women is to keep their head up. I want them to learn everything they can in their life because you don’t know where life will bring you. Focus on your education, focus on God’s word too because if you don’t have faith in your life, you are nothing. You cannot do anything without God.” 

    The Sa Voix Collective


    Richard + Elizabeth Drogosz, Board Members + Advisors

    Kristen Caron, Board Member + Design Consultant

    Morgann McCoy, Board Member + Design Partner 

    Chelsea Maxwell, Board Member + Digital Strategy Consultant   

    Maria Tritico, Art Therapist   

     Jane Ammon, Listener + Creative Consultant   

    Emily Hayes, Communications Consultant

    Michael J. Hlis, Board Member + Accountant

    Eric Staples, Brand Consultant


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