Sa • voix (french) her voice

The story of Sa Voix is one of community.


It’s one of listening and following God. It’s one of growing voices and connecting to each other through our stories. Sa Voix, or “her voice,” officially launched in January 2016 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. There, Executive Director, Jessica Drogosz works closely with young Haitian women. Jessica uses her background as an artist to train, mentor, and work alongside young women. 

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Sa Voix exists to help young women in Haiti
find their voice through the arts. 


Our Mission

    Our Mission 

    Sa Voix was founded around one core principle: “When given the permission to be heard, we gain the power to grow.” Sa Voix exists to help young women to find their voice. We do this by fostering creativity, cultivating community, equipping holistically, and speaking tangibly.



    Our Work

    We develop and facilitate experiences that use art as a vehicle to create a safe space for one to explore her voice

    We use the arts to reduce stress, resolve conflict, get in touch
    with ones feelings and give a voice to the soul

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    We provide individual mentoring and goal planning
    and create a plan of action for the individual

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    We support individual growth by facilitating learning experiences 
    (painting, writing, sewing, computer skills)

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    We create a community that supports, encourages and keeps
    one another accountable